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Beth Tweddle MBE

Britain's Greatest ever Female Gymnast


15 July 2015Beth: "I love the adrenaline rush of wing walking"

In this week's My Peccadillo, Britain’s most successful gymnast Beth Tweddle discusses the "freedom" of wing walking

I am a bit of a daredevil. When I was training, everything was geared towards gymnastics so I stayed away from things that were potentially dangerous. It seemed pointless doing all these hours then going skydiving and landing funny on your ankle.

After the Olympics I tried wing walking. I was fascinated by the thought of being strapped to a plane and flying through the air. Other people might say it sounds terrifying or stupid but when your only experience of flying is going to competitions or on holiday, the thought of standing on a plane, feeling the air pressure and wind resistance, is intriguing.

They tell you to put your arms out and you feel the force on them. But then, when you do loop-the-loops and barrel rolls, you feel free. When the plane is hanging upside down in the air it feels like an eternity, even though it’s probably about two seconds.

I love that adrenaline rush, you feel your body tense. I’ve done skydiving, abseiling. I still want to do a bungee jump, a reverse bungee jump and jet leving – jets under your feet that shoot you over the water – and I’m going white-water rafting. I want to have a go at everything once but wing walking is the one thing I would do again.

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Source: http://www.bigissue.com/features/interviews/5465/beth-tweddle-i-love-the-adrenaline-rush-of-wing-walking