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Beth Tweddle MBE

Britain's Greatest ever Female Gymnast


14 October 2015Beth joins key speakers leading the Dairy Council's 'Milk It' seminar

Britain’s Greatest Ever Gymnast, Beth Tweddle MBE and Lead Performance Nutritionist to British Gymnastics, Mhairi Keil were among key speakers leading the Dairy Council for Northern Ireland’s ‘Milk It’ Performance Nutrition Seminar at W5 which was attended by almost 150 sporting and health professionals.

The seminar, chaired by Dr Sharon Madigan, Head of Performance Nutrition at the Irish Institute of Sport, focused on the importance of nutrition for sport and a healthy active lifestyle, including the potential role of milk.

Speaking about the seminar Dr Mike Johnston, Chief Executive of the Dairy Council for Northern Ireland, said: “The annual ‘Milk It’ Performance Nutrition Seminar has become an important event in the calendar for local sporting and health professionals. Amongst this year’s audience we had coaches, P.E. teachers, sports dietitians and nutritionists all there to hear the latest scientific research and practical sports nutrition insights.

Beth Tweddle MBE, spoke of the importance of nutrition for the competitive gymnast and in particular for young gymnasts: “I am passionate about sport and encouraging a healthy lifestyle for young people. A good diet is part of that - to give training and competition your all you need to eat the right things. And for me that’s always included milk.”

The role of milk for the athlete around training and competition was further discussed by Mhairi Keil who is an avid supporter of milk and dairy, as part of the diet of her gymnasts and dancers. Dr Lewis James, Lecturer in Nutrition at the Loughborough University, closed the seminar presenting his findings on the emerging role of milk in post-exercise rehydration.

The seminar forms part of the Dairy Council for Northern Ireland’s ‘Milk it for all it’s worth’ programme, which is designed to communicate to young people the importance of good nutrition for sport and a healthy, active lifestyle. This includes a programme for post primary schools developed and delivered by the Dairy Council’s Sport and Exercise Nutritionist Stephanie Ingram.

Source: http://www.farminglife.com/news/farming-news/athletes-hear-why-they-should-milk-it-after-sport-1-7009761